Crash & Flow Podcast

A conversational podcast hosted by Yasin Dusoruth and Syed Raza.
We nerd out about stand-up comedy, movies, TV shows, animals, relationships, travel, life, MMA, and, anything else that interests us! We often have interesting and passionate guests as well! Come hang with us!

New episodes every Sunday night!

Episode 448 – The Dancing TikTok cult

June 16, 2024

Dancing for the Devil Netflix documentary • Destiny players hold a beautiful virtual vigil for Lance Reddick • Project Hail Mary, a must read! • Are lions murderers? • MUST WATCH: Ali Siddiq - Prison Riot


Episode 447 – First time trying paan & RIP Gerrard St

June 9, 2024

RIP Gerrard Street • Air tagging your kid • Park litter, lack of jobs, and immigration in Canada • The world’s worst ocean plastic polluters • Syed’s trip to Atlanta • Tempting but inappropriate questions


Episode 446 – We rank the best trilogies of all time (Star Wars fans will hate us)

June 2, 2024

We ranked the greatest trilogies of all time #Alien #Harry potter #TheDarkKnightTrilogy #Matrix #LordoftheRings #ToyStory #Pirates #StarWars


Episode 445 – How to fix the MCU & why Denis Villeneuve is a genius

May 26, 2024

Henry Cavill, the king of nerds • Hollywood needs better writers • Revisiting an internet legend Grand Prix Richmond Crackstyle • Denis Villeneuve's interesting changes to Dune characters


Episode 444 – What are the fattest countries & why?

May 19, 2024

The fattest countries in the world and why • Swiss Chalet was a huge disappointment • Nepalese climbers verses western climbers • The 🍆 museum in Iceland • The friendliest countries ranked


Episode 443 – How much placenta does the father get?

May 12, 2024

Nick Lachey failing upwards • The worst reality show • Does Tom Cruise get underage blood? • How much placenta does the dad get? • Everything looks cool in slow motion • Uncles vs. Aunties


Episode 442 – Hunting llamas in heaven

May 5, 2024

Shuge Knight was terrifying • J Cole’s apology and stays in his lane • We don’t ride with Jerry Seinfeld for multiple reasons • Syed thinks he can hunt better than a mountain lion


Episode 441 – Becoming Blade’s equipment manager

April 28, 2024

Would we become familiars for vampires? • Animal speed comparison • Underworld and Kate Beckinsale • The many missteps of Will Smith • The conservation status of Grizzly bears


Episode 440 – Max Holloway’s spectacular KO & the issue with 3 Body Problem

April 21, 2024

Raptors Jontay Porter fumbles the bag • A weird way to get public speaking confidence • 3 Body Problem • UFC 300 & Max Holloway’s incredible knockout • Our animal fight card for the coliseum


Episode 439 – Syed shouts “Shame” at an aunty on Eid day

April 13, 2024

Syed deals with line cutters at Eid • A flu that made Yasin dumb • O. J. Simpson • Why we aren’t worried about Orlando Bloom • Who would we select as our champion Brian Shaw vs Jon Jones


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